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Payroll Services

Selecting CRYSOL as Your Agency

There may be times when you need to choose your own agency for a contract or you need to nominate an agency to provide a payroll service for yourself or for your colleagues. CRYSOL is often recommended for this purpose and this is now a specific service we offer. We would be pleased to hear from you whenever this service might be of interest.

Contractor Benefits:
  • Acceptance of authorized timesheets
  • A Consultant appointed as their Account Manager
  • Frequent contact by their appointed Consultant
  • Direct contact with our payroll department
  • First time contractors advice
  • Limited Company advice
Our Accounts Team

CRYSOL has strong financial foundations and is used to operating a large weekly payroll for all our contractors. This is not out-sourced to another accounting firm, but is carried out by our own in-house Accounts teams. We have chosen this route to ensure optimum accuracy and complete flexibility - and the success of this policy has continued to enhance our reputation for reliability.

We continually monitor the performance of our Accounts Department and they currently run at 99.5% accuracy levels.

CRYSOL adopts methodical and service oriented approach in execution of payroll for its clients, as it is a sensitive activity that needs precision, consistency and expertise.

Businesses outsource payroll processing for benefits in cost, time, accuracy and increased core business focus.

CRYSOL’s payroll management services integrate payroll processing, payroll tax filing, HR information management, benefits, time & attendance management, & much more.

The Process

The Deliverables
  • Maintenance and updating of employee information sheet / salary register
  • Statutory Adherence: Preparation of all registers and documents that should be maintained as required by various Acts
  • Quarterly/ Yearly tax return documents to company and to employee
  • Attending to the call of the employer/employee on specific issues
  • Month-end payroll summary
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